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The Shisha Lounge

The Shisha Lounge is beautifully elegant! It has galore decorative with low and relaxed seating which is suited to comfort the best of both worlds. We have unique lighting insets which accommodate the everyday hookaholic smoker.  Our lounge includes big tv’s and excellent crew to host all events every night of the week. We have belly dancers that twirl the night away while the customers sit and relax in our sensational lounge.Come smoke away at your comfort and relax the night away; Blow some clouds and tell your friends. The Shisha Lounge is one puff away.

VIP Room Specials Thursday-Saturday $129 & Up

Sunday-Wednesday $79 & up




Come enjoy the hookah experience in one of our Vip lounges. We have two vip lounges for special occasions and celebrations; Our special packages start off at:

$129 & up depending on the occupancy of the guests from Thursday thru Saturday,Hookahs included. We also run specials sale prices from Sunday through Wednesdays for 

$79 & up depending on the occupancy of the guests, Hookahs included.

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Menu and Prices

Hours of operations:

Monday through Saturday 9am to 12am

Sunday: 12pm to 12am



1914 Fulton Ave. Sacramento,ca

(916) 486-2569

Hookah Specials

Come enjoys smoking sessions in our hookah lounge 7 days a weeks.

$15 + $5 cover charge per additional parties

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