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Amy Deluxe Travel Hookah


AMY 094 Alu TravelAMY 094 Alu Travel is a model from 2019. This water pipe from Amy Deluxe has a height of 34 cm and a stable vase with a diameter of 20 cm. This makes the model very useful for those who like to smoke water pipe outdoors or take their shisha with them when traveling. Because the smoke column is made of aluminum, the weight is lower. Also comes with a travel bag which of course is super handy for transporting your water pipe. The silicone hose has a length of approximately 150 cm together with the Amy Deluxe chimney tobacco head makes this water pipe complete.The vase, the rod, the hose and the silicone handle of the hotscreen are supplied in the same color, this gives the water pipe a nice sleek and compact appearance.AMY 094 is available in the colors blue, red and transparent.So find a handy and beautiful water pipe for traveling? then this water pipe is a good option.This model has a click system. The closure of the water pipe rod on the vase is simply done by turning the rod a quarter turn. The 094 Amy Deluxe comes complete with ashtray, tobacco bowl, coal tongs and a silicone water pipe hose. A beautiful stainless steel (stainless steel) nozzle is also supplied with the hose.

Amy deluxe travel hookah

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